Renovate Your Bungalow with HST Housing Rebate


If you have an older bungalow that is starting to get faded and dated, you may be thinking it is time for a bungalow renovation. If so, it’s a perfect opportunity to combine more practical upgrades with more fun ones.

Practical Bungalow Renovation Ideas

An old house has lots of opportunities for improving efficiency, comfort, and safety. While doing your bungalow renovation, make sure to consider all the practicalities too, since you are under construction anyway.


Many older homes, bungalows included, are not insulated well, creating a cold house in winter and a stuffy one in summer. This is a good chance to upgrade to meet current standards and reduce your energy costs.

Improving your roofing system, adding insulation, repairing walls and fixing draughty areas will make it more comfortable and energy efficient.

Upgrading windows and the entry door to Energy Star-rated ones will also make a big difference.

Don’t forget an installation of a high-efficiency HVAC system and an on-demand water heater.


Rejuvenating your exterior with modern vinyl siding increases curb appeal, but with siding insulation, you will also improve your home efficiency.

While you are doing renovations to the roof, take the opportunity to add solar panels at the same time.


You should also check that your electricals are up to code; many older buildings are not, but it’s a critical safety issue. While walls are open and being worked on, it is a good time to both upgrade for safety reasons, as well as add on conveniences.

Many people need more wall sockets; you can also get built-in ones specifically for phone charging cords.

Fun Bungalow Renovation Ideas

luxurious dutch bungalow from street view with beautiful garden and a gate modern dutch architecture home in a small village

An interior designer can help with a floor plan, but it is good to have ideas about what you might like and what would work for the family.

Interior Walls and Lighting

Some old bungalows have a dark interior, especially if all rooms are closed in, creating small rooms that can feel cramped.

Opening up floor plans to a more modern open plan on the main floor will increase your natural light. Bay windows and rooflights are fabulous features that let even more light in. You can also replace old windows with much larger ones, or even full wall windows and glass doors.

Recessed lighting and modern lighting fixtures and treatments both illuminate better and update your home from an old-house feel.

Living Room Fireplace

Try updating your wood-burning fireplace to gas. Even with a damper, chimneys let cold air in, and wood fireplaces are sooty and higher maintenance. A gas one seals up the space for insulation and is more convenient. Use stone to replace your old dated fireplace look and finish off with a new hard wood mantle.


Renovate your old kitchen with natural materials like woods, marble, and granite – they look beautiful and are classic to stand the test of time. Adding a kitchen island and an area for a breakfast nook for casual family dining gives it a modern design and a more usable area. Cabinets in a more modern style and beautiful tile flooring will finish the look.

A renovation is a good time to upgrade to more efficient appliances. New stainless steel appliances have durable finishes, and have a modern look that isn’t subject to fashion trends, so they won’t feel dated in a year or two.

Master Suite

For your master suite, consider an upstairs extension for your bungalow renovation, and add to the master bedroom area or the master bath, and make this a feature room you will love. Light, serene neutrals give an impression of more light while being soothing. White tile in the bathroom is timeless.

Additions and Space Generators

Generally, it can be cheaper to build an addition than to buy a different home with the square footage of your existing place and additions. An addition increases usable space and allows for more creative interior design.

Instead of making one long house, adding an arm or two, to make an L- or U-shape looks better and creates variety for your outdoor spaces, too. Since they’re lower, you can get away with a U shape and still have lots of sunlight, so you can have a novel courtyard effect which is great for creative landscaping.

Make use of the unused loft space that many older bungalows have. In some cases, this can be done without too many structural changes. You can convert the area to increase your space floor, or open up the loft area for high vaulted ceilings, to give an airier feeling to your home and make it feel larger.

You can also get creative, and have some added floor space, but open out other areas to the ceiling, like your living room and entrance, for a sense of a grand entrance. Some people choose, however, in their bungalow renovation to add on a full second floor.

You could also add a dormer room or rear extension. Mudrooms and solariums are other popular add-ons. The right extension for you will depend on your space needs, and how much room you have to expand outwards.

If you have a historic house, you may want to be more sensitive with additions, to preserve the character of the home. Always check on planning permission requirements.

Historic Home

If you have a beautiful home with history, you may want to restore it as much as possible, rather than tearing everything down, especially for any key architectural details and features.

You can look at a rear addition to increase your space, create more modern spaces, while still being able to keep your historical front facade and overall impression to stay true to its historic roots.

You can modernize but acknowledge its roots with custom cabinets, cabinet hardware, trim and other highlight features that relate to its original period.

Rebates to Assist With Costs

You may be eligible for the GST/HST New Home Rebate if you have undertaken a substantial renovation or made a major addition to the house.

housing rebate

What is GST/HST Rebate?

If you are wondering who can claim GST/HST rebate, it applies to new homes or those with a substantial renovation. If at least 90% of the interior of your house was removed or replaced, you may be eligible. Additions to your home also qualify if they double the size of your current space.

Book a consultation with Sproule and Associates‘ tax experts; we can guide you on how to apply for GST/HST rebate, and will help you with the entire process. We are experienced professionals in the Oakville area, dedicated to getting you the rebates you are owed.

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